Types Of Ground Beef:

Minced meat is perhaps the most bought meat. It is processed in numerous preparations. It is also sold in various forms at the butcher’s. It can also be processed in sausages or hamburgers. Ground beef is freshly ground beef. Usually the less noble pieces for minced meat are used. The tough neck meat is ideal for minced meat. Ground beef is usually sold purely. Very good ground beef is américain or steak haché. For these minced meat preparations the pure lean meat is chosen without fat.


When preparing, you have to take into account that minced meat can shrink strongly. The fat melts away when baking and the meat juices are partially lost. To counter the latter, you can use an egg or some bread crumbs. To make fresh minced meat you can add chopped or fried onion, fine parsley, paprika powder (mild) or bread soaked in lemon juice to make it extra tasty.




Ground beef is leaner than pork mince. The final calorie value depends on how much the minced meat is further flavored. There are also more things about the place of meat and way it’s been grown within a balanced and varied diet.


Always use minced meat as quickly as possible. You should preferably store milled or minced meat and composite meat products in the refrigerator for no more than one day. Of course, minced meat can be frozen for a longer period of time (maximum three months).

Minced meat is processed in numerous preparations and sold in various forms. You can find it both pure and prepared in minced meat in the store. The different types of meat are distinguished in the first

 instance by the color. The amount of fat or bacon is also decisive for more or less smoothness of the grind. In addition, there are also differences in taste and smell. Below we will explain the most famous types of meat

Pure Pork Mince

… is the boldest; so a lot of it melts away during preparation. That is why an egg and a lot of breadcrumbs are usually used for meatballs or meat loaf; these ensure the binding and prevent the losses of tasty meat juices. Usually there is no need for seasonings, because this minced meat is sold spicy.

Pure Ground Beef

… is lean and can also be eaten raw (the so-called tartar). Ground beef is not sold seasoned, so it can use some flavor makers. Keep in mind that fried ground beef quickly dries out. This is the reason that many people eat beef minced rosé from inside.

Pure veal minced meat

… is a safe choice in terms of taste, also because this minced meat is usually sold very carefully. This mince is also very thin. Because the meat is lighter in color and flavored more than beef, you can also prefer to keep the seasoning as subtle as possible: plenty of pepper and salt, though, but otherwise freshly shredded garden herbs are enough.

Pure lamb mince

… is difficult to describe. You love it, or you hate it … The taste depends on the age of the lamb, but it always has a sheepish taste. However, there is also some fat in here, so an egg and some bread crumbs is recommended. In terms of season, it is highly dependent on where the minced meat is processed. The well-known merque sizzles are more spiced when you turn the balls. But it depends on your own taste.

Pure chicken mince

… is a healthy alternative for those who do not always want to eat red meat. Because this minced meat has been nicely flavored, you hardly taste the difference with mixed minced meat. As far as preparation is concerned, there are indeed differences: if you want to roll balls, do this quickly, because the meat will quickly become weak due to the heat of your hands. This ground beef can also tolerate some extra seasoning.

Mixed chopped

… is a combination of beef or veal minced beef and pork mince, and the most versatile one: during baking process the pork fat partially melts away, but due to the fat present, the meat stays nice and juicy, and in taste it is almost unbeatable. You can literally go in all directions: roll balls in the soup, make meat loaf, fill it with egg for classic bird nests and fry the fissure for the favorite in every family: a minced meat dish from the oven.

There are, depending on the origin, 6 types of minced meat.

Minced meat is made from trimmings and less tender pieces of meat, which is why minced meat belongs to the advantageous meats.

PIGMEAT: is probably no longer sold unmixed because of the higher fat content.

It is one of the two components of half-and-a-half cut.

HALF-OM-HALF CEREAL AND SWINE HIT: It is a popular type of minced meat, the pork mince is a good counterweight to the ground beef.

CROPS: Especially popular with people who monitor their fat intake.

It tends to dry out when it is processed into meatballs.

CROSS MEAT: It is the most expensive and the finest type of meat, which is why it is mainly used for more luxurious dishes.

LAMB DEPTH: It becomes increasingly popular and can be bought in well-stocked supermarkets.

Minced lambs taste different from the other types of meat and therefore ideal for dishes from most countries around the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Turkey, etc.)

HALF-OM-HALF LAMB AND BEEFED: Only for sale at Turkish and Islamic butchers, it is slightly more neutral in taste than pure minced lamb.

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