FAQ’s For Meat Slicers

By Stu / March 6, 2018

1)What to consider when choosing between separate or integrated sharpeners?

The choice is mainly based on the habits of each market, i.e. how to traditionally use a slicer.

We can say that; the separate sharpener allows a faster wash, because the blade remains fully covered and therefore the operation is faster.

On the other side with the incorporated grinder, there is no risk of loss or bad position because it is always positioned already on the slicer.

2)What are the lines of Manconi products and the differences among them?

Manconi manufactures entirely uses three lines of slicers, and they are called as:

KOLOSSAL – gear transmission (only two models are belt) and the integrated sharpener. Ideal especially for supermarkets (supermarkets);

KOLOSSAL DUAL – – you can select the sprocket or belt transmission and have the built-in or separate skimmer. It is ideal for supermarkets (supermarkets);

SMARTY – for this line there is only the transmission belt and built-in sharpener.

3)How can I choose between sprocket and belt transmission?

Slicers with pinion gear are considered to be in the top range because they give the best performance in terms of precision and consistency with any type of product slicing (especially with those particularly hard); for that they are very reliable and efficient.

The belt slicers, have excellent performance on more standard situations. The machines with belt drive are a little less expensive than those with pinion.

4)What is the difference between vertical and gravity models?

Mainly the difference is the inclination of the blade, in which the gravity models contributes to the pressure of the product on the abutment and on the blade; on the contrary,

In the vertical models, the product is manually pushed by the operator because the blade is perpendicular to the plate.

6)Why are the vertical models with 300-350-370 mm blade all have a choice of 2 trays?

The plateau called TC (TC is for Taglia Carne = meat slice) is optimized for cutting fresh meat: it is mostly used in shops or butchery departments.

The BV plate (BV is for vertical Braccio = vertical arm) and is mainly made to cut cheese and cold cuts: it is used in shops or deli departments.

The TC and BV trays assembled on Manconi slicers with diameters of 350 and 370 mm (Kolossal or Smarty) can be switched.

7)What can I do with the slicer I’m going to replace?

The old slicer can be left at the shop that sells you the new one.

8)I have an old slicer that was made before September 1996, so without the marking?

If you are a private citizen, and your slicer is used for personal purposes, you can continue to use it as it is.

If you are an owner or manager in a shop where this slicer is used, you must have a risk assessment of its use.

You can also decide not to replace it by taking complete responsibility for this.

9)What makes the difference between a quality slicer and a normal one?

Certification Kit – The machine must be equipped with an user manual and its Certificate of Conformity stating that it is a product manufactured in accordance with the European directives and standards in force at that time;

Transmission noise – A good slicer must be quiet even during in the normal operations;

Large work surface to support the product and its slices;

The fluidity and the absence of jamming of the trolley and the heel pusher. A jolt must never happen even with asymmetric loads;

Product Load Height – Lowest height is the effort for the operator while using the slicer;

Appearance – A slicer is an instrument of work but also a part of the furniture in a shop, so it should look attractive with a charming design and a uniform and lively color. It should not have aesthetic defects;

Blade – It is very important to use high quality material and processing techniques; the blade must not flicker and its eccentricity should be reduced to minimum to obtain the best cutting reliability;

Blade Speed – Slower means raising the quality of the cut with less product wastage; the product to be sliced ​​must also be arranged on the edge of the blade, to obtain a precise thickness for each slice with homogeneity over its entire surface;

The rigidity and flatness of the stop – these features must be strictly adhered for the precise cut and better security should be done in the cover of the blade;

Fluid lines on the stopper and blade cover – It is deep enough and well formed to reduce friction during product cutting;

Tray BV – just like the other trays the BV trolley must have a smooth glide, a secure closure, easy use, pleasant ergonomics and low maintenance;

Ergonomic handles (handles, buttons and levers) in their shapes and positions. Slicers must be easily maneuvered and used;

Wide range of spaces to improve cleaning – Each part should be cleaned easily and safely, so do not have areas difficult to reach, or even inaccessible;

Easy dismantling (without tools) of certain parts (plate, heel lifter, blade cover, sharpener, deflector, slice holder) during cleaning operations;

Possibility to wash the machine with a jet of water without risk of rust;

Sharp points (with the exception of the blade) that can injure the operator during cleaning should be avoided.

10)What does the CE mark mean on the identifying label?

The CE mark means that Manconi slicers meet the requirements of current European regulations and necessarily mass production follows the guidelines mentioned above.

11)I would like for my shop a colorful slicer, the color of its furniture. Can you help me?

Of course. Our machines are available in several colors (according to RAL color chart).

12)I have a problem with cutting some cream cheese, what should I do?

Choose a slicer with blade, stopper and Teflon blade guard or equipped with a profiled blade.

13)The product blocking device is used for what?

On the gravity slicers the blocking device improves the stability of the slicing product and that obviously becomes

the reason for a better slice precision and the reduction of the waste of the product.

14)I would like to buy a Manconi slicer but the depth of my bench is not enough for 4 feet. What can I do?

For most of our models, we offer as an option a foot movement system, which will solve this problem.

Contact us to find out if your model can be equipped with this kit.

15)I love Manconi slicers but I do not know how to choose the most suitable model. What are the characteristics to consider?

To cut meat consider a vertical model with TC tray.

For ham, all cured meats and cheeses, you can choose either a vertical model or gravity. The choice depends on market habit.

To select the diameter of the blade it is necessary to look at the maximum size of the product to slice.

The data sheets of our models indicate the maximum diameter and the maximum size of the rectangle that can be sliced.

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