Include Meat In Your Diet:

Meat is one of the fundamental pillars of the Mediterranean diet along with fish, fruits and vegetables. It is one of the best sources of proteins and vitamins and should be included in any healthy diet, why?

One of the biggest problems found by the dietists is they do not include any meat and most importantly nutrient deficiencies is developed because foods of vegetable origin do not have or have it only very low quantities. Undoubtedly, meat proteins are of high quality and possess the essential amino acids necessary for the organism.

Importance of meat in childhood

Meat is very important during the first years of life as it helps the development of tissues and the growth of the small kids. Meat is a fundamental element in the diet of any kid, because it has large amounts of iron, that are essential for good cardiovascular development in the kids.

During childhood, any type of meat is recommended so that all nutritional needs are met. In this way, it is important to start with those that contain less fat and introduce the rest little by little into your diet.

What kind of meats are the most used?

There are many types of meat in the market. An intelligent choice is not to reject any, since each of them is rich in nutrients of different types. However, it is true that there are some meat that have more fat than others and also the difference in quality is important for those for whom the taste becomes a priority.

Lamb meat has a lot of fat, although it is very tasty. It is usually reserved for special occasions, since taking it very often can be counterproductive. At the other extreme we find beef that provides iron and other important nutrients for humans. In addition, we also find other meats such as turkey and chicken, which are lean and have virtually no fat.

For its part, pork has been stigmatized for a long time, although it is very nutritious and low in cholesterol. In the last years, all the great chefs included meat in their healthy menus since it is one of the gastronomic jewels of our country, besides being a very healthy meat. Specifically, Iberian pork provides about 20 grams of protein per 100 grams and is a source of natural amino acids for muscles.

The importance of knowing how to choose each court:

The great advantage of choosing Iberian pork is that in addition to its unequaled texture and flavor it is possible to choose from a multitude of cutting types. Depending on our needs and our nutritional preferences we can choose pieces such as loin or Iberian sirloin, which has virtually no fat. To learn more about the nutritional properties of Iberian pork and its differences with other types of meat, you can click here.

On the other hand, the Iberian pig also offers other options, such as quality Iberian ham. Being a cured meat, it is not necessary to add any type of seasoning or fat, becoming one of the best options both for flavor and nutritionally speaking since it has fiber, potassium, iodine, phosphorus and a great contribution of vitamins of the groups B and D. In addition, it is recommended in hypocaloric diets since its calorie intake is quite low for each serving.

5 Benefits Of Including Meat In Your Diet:

The World Health Organization states that a healthy lifestyle includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, animal foods and healthy fats.

According to Dr. Maria de los Angeles Aedo Santos, a balanced diet includes meats, in addition to all food groups, coupled with daily physical activity.

Here are the benefits:

The proteins that are obtained from the meat possess the essential amino acids for a healthy and strong body. They are also found in various vegetables, but their quality is lower than those obtained from meat, in addition to that their content is proportionally very low, so that it would be necessary to consume large quantities or combinational of several types of vegetables to compensate for the deficiencies.

A porta lysine, a substance that helps form defense cells against various diseases and that is scarce in plant foods.

It is the main source of iron, in this presentation it is more beneficial for the organism, because it is easily absorbed, in greater quantity and also helps in the assimilation of iron from other foods.

It also serves as the excellent source of other minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium are the essential components for the formation and recovery of muscles, in neuromuscular transmission and in the synthesis of multiple enzymes of the body.

Source of Vitamin B12, is essential for the metabolism of the nervous system and blood cells, it stimulates the adequate formation of red blood cells so that your whole organism stays in good condition. Having deficiency of this vitamin causes fatigue more easily and it even develops anemia.

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