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Best Meat For Meat Pies

By Stu / March 5, 2018

Among the greatest pleasures of gastronomy is the meatloaf . It is a mixture of vegetables, minced meat and mashed potatoes, but in each country, the way of cooking the ingredients vary slightly. You can also make béchamel and pour it over it, it will be great. Regardless of where it is and what it […]


Different Types Of Beef Cuts

By Stu / March 1, 2018

I still remember the first time I had to go to the supermarket and do the shopping, the list was the usual one, but there was also a section that said: Meat cuts. I must be honest and confess that I spent half an hour looking at the whole class of cuts and at first, […]



By Stu / February 28, 2018

Rotating meat grinders are used in commercial and residential applications, and all requires periodic grinding to maximize performance. Each blade manufacturer uses different types or shapes for their blades, but they are fundamentally all sharpened in the same way. For very large commercial or heavy-duty grinders, it may be better to have a professional service […]


Meat Slicing Tips: How To Prevent Cuts And Injuries

By Stu / February 26, 2018

An average person cuts his or her hand in a meat grinder around four times a year. If you are a bit careless with meat grinder, then you often would already have a cut wound; but you can also cut ugly on paper or a piece of glass. And such a cut can bleed considerably. […]


How To Clean A Meat Slicer: Sanitation Tips

By Stu / November 24, 2016

Being in the food industry makes it almost mandatory to have a food slicer, be it a restaurant, a cafeteria, delis or grocery stores. Even in a simple household, a meat slicer can be very useful and practical. Owning a meat slicer is surely a thing to be happy about, it’ll help you making delicious […]

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