FAQ’s For Meat Slicers

1)What to consider when choosing between separate or integrated sharpeners? The choice is mainly based on the habits of each market, i.e. how to traditionally use a slicer. We can say that; the separate sharpener allows a faster wash, because the blade remains fully covered and therefore the operation is faster. On the other side […]

Best Meat For Meat Pies

Meatloaf: Among the greatest pleasures of gastronomy is the meatloaf . It is a mixture of vegetables, minced meat and mashed potatoes, but in each country, the way of cooking the ingredients vary slightly. You can also make béchamel and pour it over it, it will be great. Regardless of where it is and what […]

Types Of Ground Beef:

Minced meat is perhaps the most bought meat. It is processed in numerous preparations. It is also sold in various forms at the butcher’s. It can also be processed in sausages or hamburgers. Ground beef is freshly ground beef. Usually the less noble pieces for minced meat are used. The tough neck meat is ideal […]

Include Meat In Your Diet:

Meat is one of the fundamental pillars of the Mediterranean diet along with fish, fruits and vegetables. It is one of the best sources of proteins and vitamins and should be included in any healthy diet, why? One of the biggest problems found by the dietists is they do not include any meat and most […]